AWS Amplify, React JS and Pocket Money

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, I needed something to keep me busy over the holidays and I had a use case for a simple application. What I wanted to learn a bit better outside of work is AWS Amplify and React JS as I’m going to be using these two technologies a fair bit over the next year and beyond. The use case I have is a simple application that would allow me to keep track of my kids pocket money. So hopefully during my time off I can have a decent crack at it.

The app itself would just need to keep track of deposits (weekly pocket money) and withdrawals (buying stuff or cashing out). Also to allow each child multiple accounts as we’re trying to teach them how to manage their money using the Barefoot Investor techniques (e.g. separate “buckets” for pocket money, savings and charity). Ideally I’ll make it so a payment schedule can be set up to automatically “deposit” into the accounts each week.

So hopefully the next few posts should have something around those technologies and my use case as I learn them a bit better.