This is my personal site filled with a bunch of posts with (hopefully) useful information.

If not for anyone else then at least for me when I need to refer back to things I set up in the past.

I'm a developer with experience and interest in dotnet, docker, cloud, angular, typescript, clean code and design patterns.

Excuse the state of the site currently, I've just moved off another static site generator into Gatsby JS so I'm very much still setting things back up. I decided to dump the old content and start fresh as it had been neglected for years (well mostly, there were 1-2 posts that were still useful, to me at least).


Adding indexes to DynamoDB with AWS Amplify

22 December, 2020

Using AWS Amplify and specifically the Amplify CLI makes it easy to create a GraphQL API backed by DynamoDB for persistance. Stepping…

AWS Amplify, React JS and Pocket Money

20 December, 2020

So it's been a while since I've updated the blog, I needed something to keep me busy over the holidays and I had a use case for a simple…

Amazon Linux Developer Docker Image

12 November, 2020

I've been starting to use AWS a fair bit at work and by extension, the AWS CLI. The CLI itself is pretty easy to set up either on Windows or…

Home Automation with HASS.IO

17 January, 2020

So recently I started dipping my toes into the home automation space. Having a friend with a fairly advanced set-up already has helped…

Publishing your Gatsby site to GitHub Pages

03 November, 2019

Publishing your Gatsby site to GitHub Pages is pretty straight forward actually. It's more involved to set up a custom domain and https but…

Adding custom JavaScript to the head section in Gatsby

03 November, 2019

So I needed to add a small bit of JavaScript to the head section of this site. There seem to be different ways to tackle this, one was to…

Adding Prism JS for better syntax highlighting of code blocks in Gatsby

02 November, 2019

Prism JS allows for language-specific highlighting and a variety of out of the box styles for code blocks. As with most Gatsby additions…

Adding inline images to Gatsby Markdown

02 November, 2019

Following on from my previous post about setting up Gatsby and using Markdown for pages / posts, I also needed to include inline images in…

Setting up Gatsby

01 November, 2019

So my site has been well neglected for the last few years and I thought it was time to bring it back from the dead with new content using a…

Azure Functions environment set-up with Terraform

31 October, 2019

Since starting down the path of Infrastructure as Code I can't spin anything up manually anymore. I need everything defined and committed…

Azure service principle for use with Terraform

29 October, 2019

In order to use the Azure provider with Terraform (and hence allow Terraform to create/alter/delete your environments) one approach is to…

How to customise Confluence sub-menus in Kodi (XBMC)

04 April, 2015

Although Kodi is well documented via the wiki and forums, I couldn't find a tutorial that explained how to customise the base theme…

Add NTFS External drive to Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspian)

07 March, 2015

First connect and find the drive (either dmesg or what's in /dev/disk/by-uuid). It will probably be or etc. Install libfuse2 and ntfs-3g…