What's in a name


So here I was approaching the end of what I initially wanted to accomplish with my first decent attempt at an Android app, just in need of a name for it. Shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something simple I thought. Wrong.

This part of the app development process was much harder than it seems, and not through lack of ideas, just that all the good ones are taken! At first I was really keen on ‘Book Shelf’ but that was taken by a couple of apps on the play store already (here and here) as well as one on iTunes that was pretty similar to what I’d done. ‘My Library’ was taken too by a few android apps (here, here and here). Others included ‘MyBooks‘, ‘Book Catalogue‘ and ‘My BookStore‘.

Some other names I considered were taken on iTunes also, ‘MyShelf‘, ‘Book Keeper‘. I decided not to go with those either as it just didn’t seem right and knowing my luck someone would try to stake their claim down the track. Really I should also be checking against trade marks but I figure if worse comes to worst, I’m not that attached to the small choice of names I’m left with and can always change to something else.

At the very least it wasn’t a complete waste of effort looking at these other apps as I got a lot of good ideas I’d like to incorporate into my app soon. So for now I think I’m leaning towards ‘Best Books’ as it doesn’t seem to be taken yet, at least on the play store. Problem is that names can get reserved on the iTunes store so I’ll need to look into that when I go ahead with an iOS version.