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My first Android app using PhoneGap was made more as a learning app for myself as well as anyone wanting to read my blog posts (I’m putting up posts about each of the techniques used to make the app). It also fulfills a personal purpose of my own in that since moving away from paperback books and onto ebooks on the kindle and ipad, I had lost a way to quickly look at my library, see what I’d read and get ideas of what I should read next.

Go and grab Best Books from google play and try it out for yourself. Let me know if anything is buggy or feel free to suggest new features as I’m happy to add more to the application or make changes to improve it’s usability.

Get it on Google Play

v1.1 updates

  • Faster animations
  • Fixes to pagination in saved lists
  • Fixes to back button/history
  • Code clean up to help with future versions

Things I’m working on for the next versions

  • Add a comments area
  • Add a rating
  • Add a date read field
  • Add a field to describe where/who you got it from
  • Browse by category
  • Group books using tags/ratings
  • Pull in user reviews
  • Share your favourite books on facebook/twitter
    If there’s anything you’d like to see included or fixed in the next version, please leave a comment.

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