Publishing to Google play


I’ve just completed the final steps of getting my application to market, signing up as a developer via the Android developer console.

The process is very straightforward. You only need fill in a few fields which are your Developer Name (Company), Email Address (this is apparently accessible to users via your app page on Google Play), Website URL and Phone Number (in case they need to contact you if something’s not quite right with your app).

Once you’ve filled in those fields you just need to agree to the terms and conditions and then pay your developer registration fee of 25 US dollars via Google wallet. They say it takes a few hours but it seems like I was able to upload an application pretty much immediately.

Now when you go to upload your application you’ll find a considerable amount that needs to be filled in and most importantly you’ll need a signed release version of your application. If you’re using Eclipse, right click on your solution and select “Export” then choose “Export Android Application” from the “Android” folder and click next. You’ll be asked to select a keystore to sign your application. You can use “keytool” via the commandline if you have it, or just let Eclipse handle it by selecting “create new”. I suggest doing it this way as the Export Wizard can handle both the Keytool and Jarsigner steps for you. There’s a really good explanation on the Android developer site.

Next up make sure you’ve got your images ready. You need a big image for the app page on the store, a high res application icon, at least a couple of screenshots and a smaller promo graphic. Some of these are optional but it’s worth making them or getting a designer friend to do so. Next up start thinking about your content. A good description and a promo blurb too.

Upload your signed APK, make it active and when you’re happy publish!